Songs of Love and Revolution

Leslee V. Wood

Softcover, lay-flat hand-sewn binding; 28 pp; 8.5x11 in.

Three songs for mezzo-soprano, tenor, and harp. Based on the verses of Indonesian poet Chairil Anwar (1922-1949) these settings are hypnotically beautiful new works by composer Leslee (L.V.) Wood.

The complete cycle runs approximately 16-18 minutes.

Mezzo Soprano, Tenor, & Harp

ISBN - 978-1-961094-06-2

ISMN - 979-0-800259-01-2

$30 + shipping

Mezzo Soprano, Tenor, & Piano

ISBN - 978-1-961094-07-9

ISMN - 979-0-800259-00-5

$30 + shipping


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