Beautiful performance editions of music by women and underrepresented composers

At Dulcamara Press, our goal is to facilitate the performance and awareness of music that has been overlooked, neglected, or otherwise unavailable. We are passionate about music by underrepresented composers from all historical eras, new music by living composers, and early music that has been previously unpublished or only available in scholarly editions with limited accessibility to performers.

Every edition from Dulcamara Press is researched with scholarly rigor and edited with meticulous care. Our scores are thoughtfully designed for clarity, readability, and practical performance use. Each score is printed on high-quality paper and hand-sewn in a durable, lay-flat binding that is made to last. Our beautiful designs, high quality printing and binding, and careful attention to notational nuance, page-turns, and readability make Dulcamara editions a pleasure to use for both performance and study.

cover image for Raffaella Aleotti Ghirlanda de Madrigali cover image for Secret of a Dream for string quartet by Smee Wong cover image for Raffaella Aleotti Sacrae Cantiones voume 2. cover image for Fra Dori e Fileno, cantata a due by Camilla de Rossi. cover image for Songs of Love and Revolution by Leslee Wood. cover image for Madre, la de los primores by Juana Ines de la Cruz cover image for Raffaella Aleotti Sacrae Cantiones, volume 3. cover image for Women who Kill by Victoria Malawey cover image for Six Songs for Soprano and Guitar by Juan Calderon cover image for Selden Carol Book cover image for Four Songs by Emily Dickinson by Leslee Wood cover image for Three Pieces for Piano by Anna Stubenberg
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