Dulcamara Press

Interested in working with us? We are currently accepting proposals for new projects.

We especially invite early-career researchers, scholar/performers, and composers to collaborate with us to publish works which align with Dulcamara's stated focus and goals. Please reach out to leslee@dulcamarapress.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why publish with Dulcamara?

We are a small, independent music press dedicated to expanding the canon through a focus on works by underrepresented composers from all historical eras and new music by living composers. Our editions are meticulously researched and carefully edited to prioritize the needs of modern performers. With beautiful design, thoughtful notational choices, and clean spacious layouts, our scores are easy to read and a pleasure to use. Printed editions are produced using high quality paper and each volume is bound by hand with a durable, sewn binding that lays flat and will last for years.

Does it cost me anything to publish with Dulcamara


Dulcamara Press covers 100% of the production costs for our editions. These costs could include printing and binding the finished edition, all fees associated with online sales and marketing, and any other costs relating to the production and sales of our editions. Once those costs are met, all profits from the sales of our editions are split equally between Dulcamara and the composer of the work.

Will I lose the copyright to my work?


The copyright to your intellectual property always remains with you. The edition that we produce together will split those rights. For instance, the Dulcamara edition—the layout, the binding, the design—is copyrighted by Dulcamara, but you retain the rights to the work itself.